Round Mandrel
Triangle Mandrel Small Round Medium Round Large Round Xlarge Round Jumbo Round


The Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers broaden the possibilities of circular designs by adding four impressive sizes to the Wubbers collection. Make consistent coils, links, earring hoops, bezels, tubes, and hollow beads in a matter of seconds as you effortlessly wrap your wire or sheet metal around the jaws of these innovative pliers to get perfectly matching circles.


Wubbers Rounds offer new creative possibilities in the form of larger bezels, jump rings, and tubes. The solid steel jaws make it possible to grip wire or sheet metal and control it as you form it into perfect shapes that can be replicated quickly and efficiently. Watch the uniqueness of your jewelry steadily increase as you put these ground-breaking tools to work.


Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers can create unique designs like never before by using square coils and jump rings, square tubes and hollow beads, and so much more! These patent pending Mandrel pliers break past limitations. you to imagine new patterns, links, and focal pieces. Create something new for the world to admire.

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