Square Mandrel
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Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers are made of high quality steel that can withstand years of metalworking and are built to last. A rawhide mallet can even be used directly on the jaw for forming wire or sheet metal. Just how rugged are they? These pliers will bring you a lifetime of service that is backed by our unconditional guarantee.


You can trust your Wubbers tools to make perfect, consistent squares - no more tedious measuring to ensure consistency, and no more wrestling with corners to make right angles. Get a countless number of perfectly sized squares by easily coiling your wire around the square-shaped jaws. These pliers are essentially non-tapered mandrels with a comfort grip, and they make it easy to securely manipulate your work so that you have a perfect view from all angles, allowing you to produce precision work every time.


Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers can create unique designs like never before by using square coils and jump rings, square tubes and hollow beads, and so much more! These patent pending Mandrel pliers break past limitations. you to imagine new patterns, links, and focal pieces. Create something new for the world to admire.


The amazing Wubbers handles won’t leave your hands feeling 20 years older. The padded grips provide extra comfort and feel nice in your hands. Pick up a pair of Baby Wubbers, and prepare to be in awe!

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