Wubbers Jumbo Square Mandrels

The Wubbers Jumbo Square Mandrels are perfectly designed for creating beautiful, uniquely-shaped bezels and large focal pieces. The revolutionary design of these pliers enables them to easily work with heavy gauge wire and sheet metal (up to 12-gauge wire and 20-gauge sheet), and also makes it possible to shape metal with a rawhide hammer right on the jaw of the tool. Add new dimensions to your designs by using both sizes of the square jaws of the tool. The jaws are also carefully hand-finished to reduce the risk of any marring or slipping of your beautiful metal. Prevent any hand or wrist pain with our unique handle design that provides a comfortable grip while forming your jewelry.

  • Total Length of Pliers: 6.75 inches
  • Length of Jaws from Tip to Box Joint: 34mm
  • Larger Jaw Measures 20mm Square
  • Smaller Jaw Measures 16mm Square
  • Rated for Use with Up to 20-Gauge Dead Soft Sheet Metal and 12-Gauge Dead Soft Wire


Triangle Jumbo
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