Triangle Mandrel
Triangle Mandrel Small Triangle Triangle Medium


Wubbers Triangles are designed to master a range of metal and wire, with the Large and Jumbo sizes handling up to hefty 12-gauge wire and dead soft 20-gauge sheet metal. Even a rawhide mallet can be used to shape your metal on these tough tools made from quality steel. Their hand-finished jaws protect your metal against marring and slipping, even when using delicate gauges of wire.


Wubbers Triangles now make triangle shapes easy to form and add to jewelry designs. Because the jaws shape the triangles for you, you don‘t have to spend any more time worrying about size or angles. Simply wrap your wire or sheet metal around your favorite-sized jaw, and perfect triangles will be created every time.


Wubbers Triangles are adding new flare and possibilities to designs. Triangle coils, jump rings, tubes, beads, pinch bails and more are now possible to create beautifully with one tool. Instead of spending hours trying to give life to your creative ideas, let the Wubbers Triangles form the unique shapes for you in seconds, leaving you with energy to imagine all the new possibilities.


Wubbers pliers are the only jewelry making tools in America that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty – no questions asked. The quality and warranty of Wubbers ensures that they are the last pliers you will ever need to buy.

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