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Take hundreds of jewelry making classes for free. Wubbers University strives to help artists understand and improve this talent by providing an exclusive educational experience. We also offer a certification program that challenges highly talented artists to harness their abilities and take on expert level courses.

Wubbers University Highlights:

  • A creative community that shares your passion
  • Explore thousands of tutorials and classes completely free
  • Faculty and staff who will inspire and nurture your unique talent
  • A certification program that will push your talent to a higher level

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Wubbers University Certified Instructors get their work in front of thousands of new students. Our teaching platform will allow your students to interact with each other and you, the instructor. It will also allow students to post reviews on classes, tutorials, and teachers, thereby enhancing and building your reputation in the jewelry making industry.

Increase Your Credibility

Become a Wubbers Certified Instructor and get a badge and link to put on your website or Etsy store.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Become a featured teacher and get promoted on Wubbers University’s home page. Post the most classes and win!

Be in the Top 10!

Monthly announcements of the top 10 downloaded classes or tutorials will elevate teacher reputation among students, teachers, and even distributors.

Get Wubbers Certified Links Directly to Your Website

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Sell your tutorials
  • Sell the materials used in class
  • Post a calendar of your classes
  • Announce upcoming shows

Master Certified

Feel like you have mastered your niche or want to learn another part of the jewelry making industry? Go for the gold and get a Master Certification from Wubbers University. While this diploma is not easy to get, it will set you aside from the competition and show the world how knowledgeable you really are.

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